Gambling Addiction Women

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction – The world of gambling comprises of two types, action gamblers and escape gamblers. Men mainly come under the category of action gamblers by revealing. Their interest on creative games that require analysis and planning. Unlike men, the female majority falls under the category of escape gamblers.

The statistics reveal that women enjoy the slot machines, bingo or lottery. The fever of gambling is catching up the women fraternity like a virus as they feel. It as a solace from the emotional pain and mental strain to which they are subjected in day to day life. As an escape gambler, they are able to take themselves away from the regular hazards to a state of frenzy. It is seen that many women stepping into the gambling arena in their vacation time. Just for entertainment or as a time-pass but with the passage of time in most of the cases it is becoming a compulsive addiction

The rise of this addiction is shadowing the drugs and alcohol addiction within women due to several factors. One reason is definitely an increase in opportunities of gambling. Which is in righteous manner supported by glamorizing and promoting gambling as legal through all possible forms of advertising media. The numbers of casinos and online gambling portals are increasing in a very fast pace. On the basis of the demand of every type of potential or seasoned gambler. Everyone must know that any negative addition could prove to be fatal at any juncture of life. As we often come across news of people committed suicide due to unbearable loss in gambling.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction Age About Women

Women revealing compulsive addiction of gambling are mainly the age between 24-30 years. More and economically self-dependent but the number of minor girls is slowly increasing who are adopting unacceptable. Means like stealing from their family to meet their urge of addiction. Women prefer going home to gamble online rather than going to the pub for a couple of drinks as their male counterparts would. Evidence indicates that the number of women with problems has doubled in recent years. They now make up a quarter of addicts. Although when it comes to online gambling the proportion is thought to be far high. Everybody must remain aware about the transition of gambling from entertainment to compulsive addiction. There are some indications, such as always thinking and

Planning for your next gambling session. Getting involved in high stakes just for enjoyment or to recover prior losses. Gambling during work or avoiding responsibilities towards your home and family. If these indications crop up, always remember the time has arrived to put brakes on your habit of gambling. Always remember this addiction is by no means less harmful than addiction of drugs and alcohol. If you are unable to control it, never hesitate to take professional help Gambling PKV Addiction.
“Men usually gamble because they have large egos and are seeking power from winning in competitive games such as cards, whereas the women have low self-esteem and feel a sense of empowerment when they Gambling Addiction.”

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